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Talkin’ All That Jazz

Have you seen the headline? Jazz is officially the least popular genre of music in the United States. Quite obviously, there’s nowhere to go but up for jazz. And while I don’t see jazz supplanting mainstream pop anytime soon, its status as the music nobody listens to anymore is bound to give it an appeal … Continue reading Talkin’ All That Jazz

My Vinyl Solution #0004: Cannonball Adderley Sextet – Planet Earth

So after fighting through not one, but two Asia albums in a row and peeking ahead at the next slab of vinyl on the shelf and realizing it’s a record that actually belongs to my wife, I have decided to throw the first curveball and grab an “A” record out of the jazz bin.

100 Essential Jazz Albums

Last fall, over several beers, we asked a jazzbo friend of ours for a Top Ten list of the essential jazz albums. The jazz man pretty much refused to cooperate, but we ended up with a good article out of the deal. To further prove that jazz aficionados are unwilling to unsheathe their pruning shears, … Continue reading 100 Essential Jazz Albums

Blue Note Drops Some Science

Speaking of jazz, if you’re a fan of classic hip-hop you might be interested in an upcoming compilation from Blue Note that collects some of the label’s most heavily sampled source material. These innovative hip hop artists and beyond did their part to bring to light some of the gems of the Blue Note catalog. … Continue reading Blue Note Drops Some Science