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“And my Fiat will go on and on…”

Quick: What comes to mind when you think of Jennifer Lopez? No, not that. But what do you think of her as regards her profession? As in: singer, actress, TV reality show judge. But that’s only scratching the surface because according to Chrysler Group, which is featuring Ms. Lo in a series of commercials for … Continue reading “And my Fiat will go on and on…”

How Lo Will We Go?

One of the great unanswered questions of the late 20th century is not how Tom Hanks went from Bosom Buddies to intergalactic stardom, but how Dan Ackroyd managed to marry one of the other stars of Bosom Buddies, the blond, lissome Donna Dixon. Ackroyd, among the cast members of the original Saturday Night Live, is … Continue reading How Lo Will We Go?

Jennifer Lopez Tops the Charts

Internationally-renowned “singer” and “actress” Jennifer Lopez recently topped the charts in both music and film, her chosen artforms. After knocking a little known English quartet called The Beatles from their perch at number one, Lopez was quoted as saying “I just want to make everyone dance and have a good time without all that other … Continue reading Jennifer Lopez Tops the Charts