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Yahoo selling DRM-free MP3s

Yahoo is selling personalized, DRM-free MP3s of Jessica Simpson’s new song: “We hope you see the importance of this […] even if you don’t love JS and think that $1.99 is too much to spend on an MP3.” Pretty cool. Yahoo Music’s Ian Rogers, of course, helped found Nullsoft, creators of Winamp, and moved on … Continue reading Yahoo selling DRM-free MP3s

Liz Phair Named in Payola Suit along with Avril and Jessica

Liz Phair named in new payola lawsuit along with Avril Lavigne and Jessica Simpson. So that’s how you explain hearing “Why Can’t I” and “Extraordinary” on the radio. Busted!

Soap Opera Digest: Jessica vs. Britney

Is it Jessica or is it Britney?When the average man on the street can’t differentiate one pop star from another, does it prove that the physical aspects of performers are becoming increasingly important and relevant in terms of public acceptance?

Jessica Simpson: Put Another Dime In The Jukebox, Baby

Jessica Simpson tries like hell to get noticed. Recently on MTV I discovered a contest, hosted by the ubiquitous Carson Daly, called “Celebrity Dream Date: Jessica Simpson.” 3 fellers were up there aiming to win said date with said popstar. The problem was, I couldn’t locate Simpson on the stage. There was Daly and his … Continue reading Jessica Simpson: Put Another Dime In The Jukebox, Baby