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Angry John Sellers' Top 25 of 1986

Josh Rogers, the drummer in my band and longtime reader and sometime contributor to GLONO, turned me on to a book a few months ago because the story seemed to mirror my own life as a budding indie rock fan growing up in conservative West Michigan. As I read the first few chapters of Perfect from Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life I realized that for a period in the early to mid-90s the author and I attended about 80% of the same shows. I am sure I bumped into him on more than one occasion at various St. Andrews shows featuring Madchester bands or local punk shows at the various underground clubs that all seemed to take residency in the same shitty warehouse on Oaks Street in Grand Rapids. But I don’t know John Sellers, not personally.

I am getting to know him through his fantastic blog, Angry John Sellers (coincidentally, and appropriately, I was tagged “Angry Vantrell” in my pseudo American Mod band). His latest entry is a case in point of why his book is so fantastic for indie fans who came of age in the 80s and 90s. We can’t help but hold great contempt for the idiots we once were, but there’s also a sense of sympathy for the little dopes. If only we, the grizzled and wise older version, could go back and guide the chubby, peach fuzzed nobs we may have gotten laid after prom.

Behold, Angry John Sellers’ Top 25 of 1986.

O.G. Indie War: Kim Deal vs. Stephen Malkmus

Angry John Sellers stirs up some shit with Kim Deal in Time Out New York:

You know, [Stephen] Malkmus is being a bit of a bitch in interviews recently. One thing he said last summer referred to me as “trashy mouth.” And he just did this article in Spin where he alluded to me unpleasantly, saying [something like], “You know, I always thought that Pavement could have had one of those big hits in the early ’90s with ‘Cut Your Hair,’ but I guess people preferred ‘Cannonball.'” […] I liked Pavement. But if he keeps fucking smacking his mouth off about me, I’m going to end up not being able to listen to any of their fucking records again. Anyway, I thought, God, man, “Cut Your Hair” isn’t as good of a song as “Cannonball,” so fuck you. How’s that? Your song was just a’ight, dawg.

Awwwwww shit. This is going to make Biggie vs. Tupac look like a couple kittens fighting over a ball of yarn. We’re all gonna have to choose sides in this war. Better get strapped.

MP3: The Breeders – “Bang On” from Mountain Battles, out April 8 on 4ad.

MP3: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “Cold Son” from Real Emotional Trash, out now on Matador.