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The Jackson 5’s First Studio Recording Unearthed

This is, quite simply, the best piece of investigative music journalism I’ve read in a long, long time: “The Jackson Find” by Jake Austen for the Chicago Reader. Many hardcore fans know that the Jackson 5 released a pre-Motown single called “Big Boy” on Steeltown Records. It was recorded in November 1967 at a small … Continue reading The Jackson 5’s First Studio Recording Unearthed

Blender: R.I.P.

Print Version of Blender to Cease Publication. It will still exist online. A few months after we launched GLONO, we covered the launch of a new music mag from the publisher of Maxim: Rock and Roll and Boobies Too. I picked up that first issue, and wasn’t as horrified as I’d been led to believe … Continue reading Blender: R.I.P.

Best Music Scribing of 2008

Jason Gross has published his annual Best Music Scribing Awards. A ton of great stuff I missed last year, including Paul Ford‘s “Six Word Reviews of 763 SXSW MP3s” which is as overwhelming and awesome as you can imagine…at least for the first couple dozen that I made it through. (For those who don’t recall, … Continue reading Best Music Scribing of 2008

Attempted Distribution?

Last week, we talked about how the Washington Post fucked up its RIAA story about a case where a dude ripped his CD into his Shared Folder for Kazaa. The RIAA says that just making the files available equals infringement even if nobody downloaded them. But that’s not what the law says, and now the … Continue reading Attempted Distribution?

Writer Busted after Watermarked Advance CD is Uploaded

A writer for Arthur and Blender donated a bunch of CDs to a thrift store, and then got in big trouble after somebody bought one and uploaded it on a filesharing network. My Data Crime – The Ticking Time Bomb of the Watermarked Advance CD: By watermarking their advance CD, Ba Da Bing was hoping … Continue reading Writer Busted after Watermarked Advance CD is Uploaded

Jeff Tweedy, Failed Rock Critic

So Jeff Tweedy is now reviewing records for the New York Times: So, Mr. Would-Be Critic With Alt-Rock Leanings… “I’m probably the only person that wanted to be a rock critic and failed at it and started a band.” His recommendations: • Dr. Dog – We All Belong • Grizzly Bear – The Yellow House … Continue reading Jeff Tweedy, Failed Rock Critic