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New Judas Priest video: Lightning Strike

Video: Judas Priest – “Lightning Strike” From Firepower, out March 9 on Sony Music. The thing about being a Judas Priest fan is that it is not based on rationality. Unless, of course, you think sitting in a dark basement room with your favorite bottle listening to “Better By You, Better Than Me” is reasonable. … Continue reading New Judas Priest video: Lightning Strike

Rainbow in the Dark – Gays in Metal

Decibel magazine has a feature looking at gays in the metal scene, a genre not really known for accepting homosexuality despite being rife with homoerotic clothing and imagery: Despite no less a genre pioneer than Rob Halford of Judas Priest coming out in 1998, and aside from the occasional song like Brutal Truth’s “Anti-Homophobe,” you’d … Continue reading Rainbow in the Dark – Gays in Metal

Rock Star

If you’ve ever worn a Twisted Sister pin on your jean jacket. . . If you’ve ever owned a copy of Condition Critical. . . If you’ve ever slow-danced to a Van Halen song. . . If you’ve ever cut the sleeves off of a black concert T-shirt. . . If you’ve ever written “666: … Continue reading Rock Star