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Justin Timberlake on SNL

I didn’t realize that NBC has started using YouTube… Earlier this year they demanded that awesome Natalie Portman rap video (my 2006 single of the year) to be pulled… I’ve been Tivoing Saturday Night Live for a few years now, which renders it entirely watchable. Justin Timberlake was great the last time he hosted, and … Continue reading Justin Timberlake on SNL

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland: In Love?

He’s a Pretty Face, and Proud of It: “‘Look at those hips,’ Timbaland raps… After each phrase, Mr. Timberlake croons back his flirty (and somewhat cryptic) response: ‘Go ‘head, be gone with it.’ With that, the ‘dirty babe’ first introduced in the second stanza officially becomes a third wheel.” Uh oh! Justin and Timbaland, sittin’ … Continue reading Justin Timberlake and Timbaland: In Love?

Summer Nights and My Radio

Your particular 3-point cred stance is powerless against the successful summer single. You might be a card-carrying avantist who listens exclusively to backwards-sounding Bruce Gilbert solo albums. Maybe the leftist worldbeat pop of NPR’s online shop is your bag. Doesn’t matter. Most every summer, there’ll be a song that transcends genre and demographics, spilling sticky … Continue reading Summer Nights and My Radio

No Come Down

•Media blitz for new Justin Timberlake album: 5 million dollars •Estimated portion of Jive Records 4th quarter profits Timberlake is responsible for: 15 million dollars •Richard Aschroft making music unfettered by the downdraft of media and industry scrutiny: Priceless Richard Ashcroft is mysterious. His haughty, strung-out good looks offer an alluring alternative to the corn-fed … Continue reading No Come Down