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The Killers are "Clarence Clemons on Ecstasy and Viagra"

There’s no question that negative reviews are far more fun to read than their postiive counterparts. Jim DeRogatis clearly agrees, since he edited a collection of disparaging essays about the canonized classic rock albums, Kill Your Idols. And now, DeRo rips it to the Killers in a review in their hometown newspaper: Alas, working with … Continue reading The Killers are "Clarence Clemons on Ecstasy and Viagra"

Stream: Shadowplay – The Killers

Recorded for the soundtrack of the Ian Curtis biopic Closer, the Killers take on the 1979 classic “Shadowplay” and actually do a hell of a job. Lead singer (and King Twat) Brandon Flowers doesn’t make it easy for me to like this band, but I do. Stream: Shadowplay – The Killers Video after the jump.

The Killers vs. Green Day

Brandon Flowers is a fucking moron. NME has excerpts from The Word‘s cover feature on the Killers, and it’s almost painful to read this dipshit’s sophomoric ideas about Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, and an artist’s role as foreign ambassador. Some examples of his idiocy: “You have Green Day and ‘American Idiot‘. Where do they film … Continue reading The Killers vs. Green Day

Saturday Night Live Season Debut – Almost Funny

The season premier of Saturday Night Live is always a bit sketchy (pardon the pun), especially when the show is in a “transition” year and has cut some cast members. This year’s debut was an exercise in “almost.” This week’s host, internet comedic phenom and chronically over saturated Dane Cook, was almost funny. His monologue … Continue reading Saturday Night Live Season Debut – Almost Funny

Lollapalooza 2005: Day Two

Lollapalooza 2005In the second installment of our coverage of Lollapalooza 2005, we watch people drop like flies as they suffer from heat stroke, and we’re able to catch a few bands between visits to the cooling centers.