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Once again yet even more Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone

One of the things that inspired us to start Glorious Noise in 2001 was Jim DeRogatis’ biography of Lester Bangs, Let It Blurt. Our first big, multi-post project was to dig through a bunch of old copies of Rolling Stone magazine and liberate original record reviews written by Bangs but never republished. Then sometime around … Continue reading Once again yet even more Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone

Lester Bangs on Ron Asheton

Jim DeRogatis eulogizes Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and shares a great quote from the inimitable Lester Bangs from “Roots of Punk (Part One)” originally published by New Wave magazine in 1978: “1969” featured the only use of wah-wah that I had ever liked on any record (mainly because Ron Asheton didn’t do anything with it, … Continue reading Lester Bangs on Ron Asheton

Wear Your Idols

Some say Kill Your Idols but we all know that’s silly. We want to BE our idols, that’s the whole fucking point. Well, now you can at least dress like your idols. Worn Free has some sweet reproductions of famous vintage tees seen on stars from over the years. No, these are not dopey vintage … Continue reading Wear Your Idols

Jim DeRogatis vs. Lou Reed vs. Lester Bangs

Lou Reed once again proves that he’s a bitchy old queen. (As if we needed any more evidence.) When an audience member at the Tribeca Film Festival asked Reed what he thought of Lester Bangs‘ claim that Berlin was “the most depressed album ever made,” the humorless has-been rudely dismissed the question (“What does that … Continue reading Jim DeRogatis vs. Lou Reed vs. Lester Bangs

Remembering Lester Bangs

Since today is the 25th anniversary of Lester Bangs gobbling enough Darvon to kill a walrus, we thought it would be a good day to remind you why we’re all still talking about him: his rock and roll writing. Reviving a tradition that we started back in the very early days of Glorious Noise after … Continue reading Remembering Lester Bangs