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The Loud Family’s Scott Miller: Better than Grease II

Scott MillerBack in 2000, the Loud Family released what appeared to be their final album, Attractive Nuisance. Even though the group’s leader, Scott Miller, told Glorious Noise that he was leaving the door open to further activity, years went by when it seemed that Scott was more than happy to start a family and focus on his other career as a database programmer in the Bay Area.

Then in 2004, it was announced that he was collaborating with Sacramento pop eccentric Anton Barbeau. The result of that odd heritage, What If It Works?, was just released by 125 Records in mid-July. The record contains sounds and songs which long-time Loud fans will be able to recognize, yet somehow, against the odds, different (MP3s: “Rocks Off,” “Flow Thee Water”). You could always tell that each prior Loud Family record was planned to the nth degree; this one, even though it is still thorough in its soundcraft, also gives the impression that the sessions for it could have been more relaxed, less fussed-over. Scott graciously answered my questions on what got him to break his sabbatical, and what the future holds for Scott, Anton, and the Loud Family.

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Interview with Scott Miller of the Loud Family

The Passion and the Fury

In the second in our series of essays called “Music That’s Changed My Life: GLONO Readers’ Real-Life Experiences,” Thomas Durkin interviewed one of his heroes, Scott Miller of the Loud Family and Game Theory. If you would like to share a story of music’s effect on your world, get in touch with us…

In 2000, Scott Miller of San Francisco’s The Loud Family announced that Attractive Nuisance would be the last album that the group would release, and that the tour behind it would also be the band’s last. This sent a wave of desperation through his fanbase; there are fans who had been hooked since 1985, when Scott’s previous group Game Theory released a glittering song called “24” and an equally brilliant album called Real Nighttime. Others became fans after listening to his 1992 Loud Family debut, Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things.

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