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Freebird Revisited

The Chicago Tribune attempts to tackle the origins of shouting “Freebird” at shows, and gives a shout out to Glorious Noise for our pioneering research on the subject. In 2005, the Wall Street Journal hunted for the original shouter — and settled (somewhat) on [Chicago via Grand Rapids, Michigan disc jockey Kevin] Matthews. A year … Continue reading Freebird Revisited

Freebird: One More From the Road

Lord knows, I can't change.In response to our article where we explored the origins of yelling “Freebird” at shows, Emily Bohannon, a nice southern girl, sent us this email. To her and her father, the song is more than just a lame gag uttered from the lips of drunken dopes.

Freebird: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Lord knows, I can't change.What is the origin of yelling “Freebird” at concerts? Derek Phillips explores why the culprits keep it up and whether there is anything we, the good people of rock and roll, can do about it.