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New Porno Wedding

So that’s why this band is such a high priority for their label! The New Pornographers’ Carl Newman married Matador marketing manager Christy Simpson this weekend. The New York Times Fashion & Style section was there. Best quote: “I cried when Blaine gave his speech,” Ms. Case admitted later at the bar, clutching a J├Ągermeister. … Continue reading New Porno Wedding

EFF Asks Matador to Fire Web Sheriff

Some dude posted a New Pornographers b-side to his blog. Web Sheriff sent him a condescending take-down notice and a dumb-assed follow-up. EFF’s Fred von Lohmann is outraged: Here’s my question — does the band know what is being done in their name? Have they signed off on these emails being sent by Web Sheriff … Continue reading EFF Asks Matador to Fire Web Sheriff

Pavement – Rattled By The Rush

Pavement – “Rattled By The Rush” from Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition, due November 7, 2006 on Matador. Also: “Heckler Spray/In The Mouth Of A Desert” from Pavement Live At The Palace (available with pre-order).