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Mooney Suzuki’s Souls Stolen by Satan

It was bad enough that Liz Phair had four of the fourteen songs on her new album written and produced by the Matrix, the team responsible for Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8ter Boi” and “Complicated.” But now Glorious Noise has discovered that one of our favorite rock and roll combos, the Mooney Suzuki, is currently recording with … Continue reading Mooney Suzuki’s Souls Stolen by Satan

That’s Not Phair!

Liz Phair – Liz Phair (Capitol) It’s always been Liz Phair’s greatest trick to entice with a come hither finger, only to kick you in the balls when you get close enough to kiss her. The real kicker? She always leaves you wanting more. This is partly why her two albums since the landmark debut … Continue reading That’s Not Phair!