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Lollapalooza 2015: I Don’t Care, I Love It

Remember when Lollapalooza was alternative? You’re forgiven if you don’t. They gave up on that idea by 1996 when they first booked Metallica as a headliner. Remember when fests had their own identities? Bonnaroo was a rootsy jam band festival, etc. These days bands just rotate through the major summer music festivals, year by year. … Continue reading Lollapalooza 2015: I Don’t Care, I Love It

Testament – Dark Roots Of Earth

Testament – Dark Roots Of Earth (Nuclear Blast) To be honest, I would rather see Testament included in the “Big 4” line-up than Anthrax. The lineage is there and, most importantly, the band has parlayed its third decade into an example that even headliners Metallica should have considered well before the submission that was Death … Continue reading Testament – Dark Roots Of Earth

Lou Reed and Metallica – Lulu

Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu (Warner Bros) The pairing is so unusual that one is inclined to immediately react with “Wha?” followed by a gut-checked “It’s gonna suck.” And after listening to Lulu, I would encourage everyone to listen to their impulse reaction. I’m curious to hear the responses of people who are admitted … Continue reading Lou Reed and Metallica – Lulu

Metallica: Re-Re-Loaded

Even though St. Anger doesn’t drop until June 10th, the hype for Metallica’s first studio album in five years officially cranked up earlier this month, when the thrash pioneers were the subject of their very own MTV special. The network conveniently chose Metallica as their third “Icon,” joining Janet Jackson and Aerosmith in an exclusive … Continue reading Metallica: Re-Re-Loaded

Caressing the Corporations

As the number of artists and tours that are sponsored by such asinine things as car companies multiplies, it’s good to remember those great shows you saw back in the day, before going to see a band identified you as a potential customer. For me, it all goes back to two defining shows, my first … Continue reading Caressing the Corporations