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Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

For a while now, Brooklyn has been a hotbed of cooler than thou indie bands and freaky neo-hippies; I don’t know what is going on over there. Maybe that little borough has an unusually high unemployment rate that allows these kids to lounge about making records and scouring vintage shops. Whatever…keep the good jams coming. … Continue reading Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

New MGMT video – Kids

I think you all know how much we love this band. Their freaky videos are a big part of why and this shit is crazy freaky. As my man Bennett said, “sometimes Joanna Newsom’s gotta be your Mom and drop you and you have to wear cool headbands and run from monsters and turn into … Continue reading New MGMT video – Kids

Weezer Covers MGMT, Lady Gaga

Video: Weezer – “Kids/Poker Face” (live MGMT/Lady Gaga medley) Looks like Rivers Cuomo might’ve found a way to become relevent once again: lose the pedo-stache, don some ironic shades, and play covers of current hits…all while cute young girls play on their phones. Good times. Weezer: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki. Via Pitchfork.

New MGMT Video: The Youth

Video: MGMT – “The Youth” (71MB MOV) Directed by Eric Wareheim. From Oracular Spectacular. It’s not as mind-blowing as “Time To Pretend” (MP3) or quirky as “Electric Feel”, but it’s got some spooky kids in it, so there’s that. MGMT: Web, MySpace, YouTube, Wiki.

Lollapalooza 2008: Don't Be Old, Be Fun

Lollapalooza 2008After attending two big music festivals every summer since 2005, it’s easy to feel burned out and unmotivated. But you can still have a great time if you just turn off your grouchiness, relax, and float downstream. A mind-blowing headliner helps, too.

Rockafire Explosion: The Movie!

Holy crap, this is awesome. Trailer: Rock-afire Explosion- The MOVIE When MGMT put Billy Bob Brockali in their video for “Electric Feel” an entire generation of dudes in their thirties had a collective flashback to afternoons at Showbiz Pizza Place. Who knew that there was a community of fans buying up the old hardware and … Continue reading Rockafire Explosion: The Movie!

MGMT – Electric Feel Music Video

Another outstanding video from our new favorite band. You can’t watch this shit and tell me those kids aren’t wacked out on drugs. And what’s that!?!?! The bear from Chucky Cheese in a cameo? Oh, hell yes. MGMT – “Electric Feel” Music Video Previously: MGMT – Time To Pretend

MGMT Re-Release Time to Pretend EP

GLONO’s latest obsession is about to take advantage of our illness and bilk us of a little more cash with the re-release of the Time to Pretend EP. Released in 2005 by NYC-based Cantora Records, the six song EP features the original versions of “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” and 4 exclusive tracks. MGMT’s Dave … Continue reading MGMT Re-Release Time to Pretend EP