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Michael Jackson to Perform Thriller

In his first British performance since 1997, Michael Jackson will perform the title track of his record breaking album Thriller. The song, and the album, established Jackson as a world wide pop star and the ground breaking video for the song broke budget records and took the medium to a new level. How funny that … Continue reading Michael Jackson to Perform Thriller

In a Fanatic’s Head

Innocence, in a sense...Hero worship is silly, especially when it comes to musicians who tend, by their very nature, to be rather flawed individuals. Derek Phillips wonders why fans have such a hard time accepting the humanity of their idols.

The Case Against Michael Jackson

The Case Against Michael Jackson – An authoritative, behind-the-scenes account of the prosecution’s case based on a review of confidential law enforcement and government reports, grand jury testimony, and sealed court records provided by sources.

Michael Jackson Is Weird: So Fucking What?

Dear Ulric, A beautiful thing happened to me this weekend and I thought of you. You’re one of the only people I know who will fully appreciate the magic… With all the Michael Jackson bashing lately everywhere you look, and I’ll admit that he seems to make it pretty easy, I got to thinking about … Continue reading Michael Jackson Is Weird: So Fucking What?

Sounds of Silence

While flipping through channels I chanced upon what appeared to be Michael Jackson. It was hard to tell. The black fedora and falling ringlets obscured the too-white face that contrasted with the black suit, black tie and red shirt that seemed to have been fabricated with a Saran Wrap-like polymer. A group of black-clad dancers … Continue reading Sounds of Silence


Michael Jackson is Back. But For How Long? Johnny Loftus After the wholesale failures of HIStory and Dangerous, and his increasing reliance on foreign sales receipts to purchase Neverland’s animal feed, it seemed unlikely that Michael Jackson would ever again rise to Thriller levels in the hearts, minds, and dancing feet of Americans. In fact, … Continue reading I WANNA ROCK WITH YOU — PLEASE?