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Early Nineteen Seventy-Something Pt. 1

The making of Come and Get It, the last Beatles album that never was… A two-part series of the special kind of lunacy that sets in with avid mix tape/CD makers. What if the Beatles had made one more album? What would it sound like?

Free Glorious Noise Compilation CD!

One Hundred Thousand According to our handy little counter, Glorious Noise has had 100,000 unique visits. Every statistics application defines these things differently, but regardless, that’s a shitload of people. So thanks, everybody. We appreciate your support. As a token of our appreciation, we’re giving all our readers a new cd. Well, sort of. As … Continue reading Free Glorious Noise Compilation CD!


70s AOR – Still Creepy After All These Years Johnny Loftus Lately, it’s been the 70s Creep-Out Mix that’s been blowing up the hi-fi around the Glorious Noise HQ. A home-made compilation long thought to be lost to movers, car crashes, or simple human error, the 70s Creep-Out Mix was recently unearthed by its maker, … Continue reading DON’T TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE TWO OF US

The Art of the Mix

Making mixes for people is a grossly underrated medium of expression. I know people who have put more thought into compiling a mix tape than they put in almost anything else they have ever done. My poor wife has gotten more mix tapes than love letters by a ratio of about 30:1. That’s not an … Continue reading The Art of the Mix