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Monstrance (Andy Partridge, et al) – Monstrance

MonstranceMonstrance – Monstrance (Ape House)

For those of you who thought that Andy Partridge had simply gone the route of “closet cleaning” with the release of last year’s vast Fuzzy Warbles: Collector’s Album box set, his latest project wants to assure you that he isn’t ready to reside on the merits of his history just yet.

Monstrance finds Andy partnering up with Shriekback members Barry Andrews and Martyn Barker for a two-disc exercise in improvisational exchange. Andrews, you might recall, was a member of the original XTC line-up before leaving to form Shriekback, but be warned: Monstrance sounds nothing like either of those bands.

So what does it sound like? Pretty much what you’d expect from an album with liner notes that read, “There was no rehearsal or discussion about key, tempo or feel and no overdubbing. It just came out this way.”

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