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Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

For a while now, Brooklyn has been a hotbed of cooler than thou indie bands and freaky neo-hippies; I don’t know what is going on over there. Maybe that little borough has an unusually high unemployment rate that allows these kids to lounge about making records and scouring vintage shops. Whatever…keep the good jams coming. … Continue reading Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

Morrissey – Maladjusted

MP3: Morrissey – “Maladjusted” from Maladjusted (Expanded Edition) out now on Island (UMG). The 1997 album, produced by Steve Lillywhite, has been re-sequenced by Morrissey and remastered, adding several b-sides and ditching two songs (“Roy’s Keen” and “Papa Jack”). Packaging includes a new cover, a 24-page booklet, a new essay by Morrissey, and rare photos. … Continue reading Morrissey – Maladjusted

Morrissey Cancels Start of Tour

Morrissey has canceled the first four dates of his World Tour in support of his new album, Years of Refusal. He was set to kick off on February 28 in Bacon Raton, Florida, but has canceled all dates in the Sunshine State. Affected dated include: • Boca Raton, FL Mizner Park (February 28) • Orlando, … Continue reading Morrissey Cancels Start of Tour

New Morrissey video: I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris

Video: Morrissey – “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” Classic Morrissey. Pugg rock! And the grey in his hair suits him. Then again, he’s always looked like a middle-aged man even back in his twenties. From Years of Refusal, out February 17 on Lost Highway.

Morrissey Saddles Up to Lost Highway

Billboard reports that Morrissey has inked a U.S. deal with Lost Highway for the release of his new album, Years of Refusal, produced by Jerry Finn and due February 17. Lost Highway, of course, is the Americana label that boasts folksy artists such as Ryan Adams, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, and Lucinda Williams. In the … Continue reading Morrissey Saddles Up to Lost Highway

Smiths Reunion? Unlikely.

There’s been a lot of hot air being blown around over this tabloid article from the UK’s Daily Mirror: Morrissey and Johnny Marr heal rift raising hopes of a Smiths reunion. But come on. Look at the content, and you’ll see this is all silly speculation: Singer Morrissey, 49, and guitarist Johnny Marr, 45, are … Continue reading Smiths Reunion? Unlikely.

Morrissey stalking Axl Rose

Morrissey Inks New Management Deal with Irving Azoff after being represented by Merck Mercuriadis. Curiously, six months ago, Guns N’ Roses and Axl Rose also signed up with Azoff after being managed by Mercuriadis. Coincidence? So does this mean that we should expect to see a new Moz album exclusively sold at Best Buy or … Continue reading Morrissey stalking Axl Rose

Morrissey’s roadie tells all

I was Morrissey’s roadie (for one day) by Andrew Winters. “Be careful, Andrew,” someone warns me. “Moz hates people who are boring . . . but then, he also hates people being too pushy around him. Establishing common ground quickly is important.” If this tale is to believed, it’s no wonder that the Smiths could … Continue reading Morrissey’s roadie tells all