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Motorhead – Motorizer

Motorhead - MotorizerMotorheadMotorizer (SPV)

Not to alarm anyone…from what I understand, Lemmy Kilmister is doing fine…but I think we need to start considering that there will be a point when Motorhead is no longer with us. I mention this because it’s so easy to take institutions like Motorhead for granted when they’re still around, touring every year, and making albums that go largely unnoticed because, well, because they sound just like virtually every album in their catalog.

You did this with the Ramones. Admit it. And it wasn’t until they called it a day until you realized “Holy fuck! The Ramones aren’t around anymore!” Then three-quarters of them died and you felt bad that you took it all for granted. You had all of those opportunities to see them live, but you squandered them.

Don’t let that happen with Motorhead. Go see them before it’s too late. Christ, they’re probably playing at some dive right now down the street while you’re dicking around on the internet.

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The Metal Masters Tour Live In Chicago

Metal MasterThe Metal Masters: Testament, Motorhead, Heaven & Hell, Judas Priest

Chicago, August 19, 2008

There is a debate going on in my head that I think was solved in Chicago on Tuesday night. After growing up around metal, disowning it in college and then coming back around to it in my late 30s, my concern was that the recent resurgence was a manifestation of some mid-life crisis. If you haven’t yet faced the truth of middle age, let me fill you in: it’s a drag. It’s especially brutal when you focus on the ramifications of age and you look for opportunities to avoid the reality of your years.

Heavy metal may be the best type of music for this. It’s the epitome of fantasy after all, whether it addresses sexual prowess, dungeons and dragons fantasy, or overt machismo. Since it’s the perfect soundtrack for make believe, could it be possible that I’m drawn to it again to help ignore the obvious? When one is facing the reality that life’s rollercoaster is now descending towards the inevitable end of the ride, what better genre to reach for than heavy metal?

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