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I Was a Nine Year Old Cultist

I love this movie: The Source Family. It details the formation and history of your proto-typical southern Californian 70s cult. Founded by entrepreneur-judo champ-war hero-man-killer-turned-spiritual-guru-and natural-food-purveyor, Jim Baker, The Source Family did a lot of its recruiting via a psych-rock band comprised of Family members. Over the years, the band recorded several highly collectable albums … Continue reading I Was a Nine Year Old Cultist

New Lennon Bio Pic: Nowhere Boy

It’s a terrible name so can the film be any good? Who knows? A new biographical film on John Lennon titled Nowhere Boy premiered in the UK this week. The film focuses on Lennon’s youth up through the launch of The Beatles. One unique factor is the use of Lennon’s actual voice to drive some … Continue reading New Lennon Bio Pic: Nowhere Boy

Over the Edge: An Oral History

On the movie’s 30th anniversary, Vice Magazine features Over the Edge: An Oral History of the Greatest Teen Rebellion Movie of All Time. They talk to the cast (including Matt Dillon), the writers, the director, the producer, and even Bun E. Carlos: Bun E. Carlos (drummer for Cheap Trick): When the movie came out, we … Continue reading Over the Edge: An Oral History

Gibbard and Farrar Team for Kerouac Bio

If someone had asked me what Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Son Volt’s Jay Farrar have in common I might have answered, “They both have unique voices?” As it turns out they have much more in common, including a shared passion for Jack Kerouac and it appears now, co-writing credits on the soundtrack … Continue reading Gibbard and Farrar Team for Kerouac Bio

Tom Waits Is Satan

Tom Waits will portray Satan himself in Terry Gilliam‘s upcoming film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. “How do you play the devil?,” muses Waits of his second pairing with the filmmaker. “How do you play an archetype that large, that deep in history? I finally realized that I was just going to have to play … Continue reading Tom Waits Is Satan

New Mustard Plug Documentary

Never Get Out Of The Van: The Story of Mustard Plug is an 84-minute documentary that traces the ska-punk pioneers “from their humble roots in the basements, bars and punk clubs of Grand Rapids, Michigan and follows them on a 17 year journey across the world.” Over two hours of bonus material includes audio commentary, … Continue reading New Mustard Plug Documentary