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Idolator eulogizes MTV’s Total Request Live, which made its debut in 1998 and celebrated its finale on Sunday night following years of declining ratings: [1999-2004] may turn out to be the last stretch of time in which musical tastes could be dictated by a single authority. TRL seized on this new aesthetic and popularized it; … Continue reading TRL: RIP

Weird Al vs. MTV Censors

Nothing pleases the seventh-grade boy in me more than the recent resurgence of Weird Al Yankovic during this, the twenty-fifth anniverary of his first hit, “Ricky.” There’s been the profile in Wired, and more recently, the coverage of his release of a parody while the original was still #1 on the Billboard singles chart (and … Continue reading Weird Al vs. MTV Censors

The Year The Industry Broke?

MTV calls 2007 The Year The Industry Broke and gives a nice timeline of “what went wrong and when.” By James Montgomery, with additional reporting by Gil Kaufman. Not surprisingly, there’s no mention of MTV’s own role in the fiasco that is the music industry today. They should have at least mentioned the disastrous 2007 … Continue reading The Year The Industry Broke?

It’s Britney, Bitch

It’s not cool to pile on, I know, but anyone who saw the MTV music awards is talking about the same thing: What the fuck happened to Britney Spears? Like all MTV Music Awards openers, this was hyped to be “amazing” and “shocking” and a triumphant return for who was once the bread and butter … Continue reading It’s Britney, Bitch

Dirty Girl Wins Again: Sarah Silverman to Host MTV Movie Awards

Sarah Silverman is a dirty, dirty girl.She’s the wet dream of dorks everywhere and now she’s hosting the MTV Movie Awards, the second lamest awards show on television—just behind the People’s Choice Awards. But we’ll be watching, and so will you.