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New Mustard Plug Documentary

Never Get Out Of The Van: The Story of Mustard Plug is an 84-minute documentary that traces the ska-punk pioneers “from their humble roots in the basements, bars and punk clubs of Grand Rapids, Michigan and follows them on a 17 year journey across the world.” Over two hours of bonus material includes audio commentary, … Continue reading New Mustard Plug Documentary

Under the Influence Vinyl Singles

Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective has announced its new Under The Influence Series where they’ve asked several bands to record cover songs that have influenced their songwriting. They’re being released as split 7″ singles that will include coupons to download mp3s. Cool idea. So far they’ve got Mustard Plug covering Fugazi, Bomb the Music Industry! doing Pavement, … Continue reading Under the Influence Vinyl Singles

Mustard Plug: Better Than Alcohol

Mustard Plug with the Planet Smashers, et al May 31, 2003, Metro, Chicago How come ska gets no respect? Why is it? Is it the matching outfits? Can’t be. The Hives wear matching outfits and everybody loves them. So I don’t know. But I do know that on a Saturday night at the Metro in … Continue reading Mustard Plug: Better Than Alcohol