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Bob Lefsetz on YouTube, Napster

The YouTube Deal by industry legend Bob Lefsetz: “Despite all the chest-thumping by Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and Eric Nicoli, the failure to license Napster was single-handedly the worst decision ever made in the history of the music business. And it will haunt the major labels forever.”

Ded Kitty

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Napster, the revolutionary Internet song-swap service hailed by millions of music fans but damned by the powerful recording industry, officially shut down Tuesday after a U.S. bankruptcy court blocked its final sale to German media giant Bertelsmann AG. RIP

Napster R.I.P.

Napster is soon to be made irrelevant, forced to give up the things that made it great. Specifically, its price (free) and its user base (lots and lots). This makes me sad. Not for the usual reasons of being cheap and lazy. Although I do feel that the record companies owe me for my years … Continue reading Napster R.I.P.