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My Head is the Event of the Season

Young NeilTribute shows can be cool when the variety of performers is mixed with the consistency of an inspired songwriter. Kristy Eldredge finds out what happens when a bunch of hipsters get together to cover Neil Young.


The conceit of this site is that “Rock and Roll Can Change Your Life.” Note well that there is an explicit option expressed; it doesn’t say “will” or “must.” But there is potential. Changing one’s life is not a trivial thing. But it can happen. Much of what gets essayed here cracks corporate artists or … Continue reading Neverland

Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the Night Wilco at the Riviera Theater, Chicago By Derek Phillips In 1973, Neil Young toured for an album that was vastly different than the country comfortable Harvest that had made his name as a solo artist the year before. In fact, the set list for many of the ’73 tour dates didn’t include … Continue reading Tonight’s the Night

Astral Musings

Brown dwarfs are objects in the universe that are smaller than normal stars, bigger than planets. These objects are incapable of sustaining stable nuclear fission like ordinary stars do. So what happens is that they slowly but surely contract. Their light dims. Last week, sab mentioned how many rock stars of days gone buy are … Continue reading Astral Musings