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Still (Occasionally) Having Fun with Forkast

Anybody else notice that Forkast has recently become skimpier with the mp3s? They’ve been pointing to a lot more imeem streams than mp3 downloads. Maybe that’s fine. I rarely keep free mp3s from the web; I play them once or twice, and if I really like it I’ll either buy or download the album. Unless … Continue reading Still (Occasionally) Having Fun with Forkast

Nick Drake – They’re Leaving Me Behind

MP3: Nick Drake – “They’re Leaving Me Behind” from the upcoming compilation, Family Tree, due June 19 on Tsunami LG/Fontana. Lo-fi, unreleased goodness that’s been making the rounds on the bootleg circuit for years. Press release after the jump…

Nick Drake: Bartleby the Musician

I saw it written and I saw it say...We’ve all seen the Jetta commercial, but how many of us know anything about the guy who wrote and sang the song? Glorious Noise reviews the new biography, Darker Than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick Drake.

Nick Drake Tribute

Nick Drake Tribute New York City, June 19, 2002 I felt awful the night of the Nick Drake tribute. I was in one of those “spirals.” Walking up Lafayette St. to the Fez, I was visited by a reliable stableful of dismal thoughts, beginning with “you are getting nowhere and will die alone” and going … Continue reading Nick Drake Tribute