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FRONTIER JUSTICE: Johnny’s Issue Roundup

FRONTIER JUSTICE: Johnny’s Issue Roundup Maybe it’s the heat, I don’ t know. But I just can’t concentrate. MTV may make Beck want to smoke crack, but it only makes me angry about 300 things at once. Luckily, there’s still live music to save me from the likes of corporate radio and Summer in the … Continue reading FRONTIER JUSTICE: Johnny’s Issue Roundup

O Brave New World

Two points: 1. This is not one of the long, thoughtful pieces that appear below on this page. If you’re looking for that, well, simply go below 2. I am becoming somewhat disturbed that I even noticed this topic and even annoyed that I have essayed this band more than once on this site. Here’s … Continue reading O Brave New World

“Buy, buy, buy”

Here I am, reading the newspaper on a Monday morning. . . . I see an ad for Verizon. Which, I discover, is sponsoring the Nsync tour. Fine. Presumably teenage girls can rack up more minutes on their limited dialing plan than their parents can afford. But those ads for credit cards that can be … Continue reading “Buy, buy, buy”

At Least They Don’t Need Walkers

“Can vacuous, pre-fabricated teen pop bereft of any substantial musical merit really fill up seventy-nine thousand seats?” an anonymous scribe filling a slot in the “Goings On About Town” section of The New Yorker (June 4, 2001) asks in what is undoubtedly an arch rhetorical tone. The author is referring to ‘Nsync playing at Giants … Continue reading At Least They Don’t Need Walkers