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Osmonds, Van Halen Reunite

Two equally huge reunion stories out today: 1) The Osmonds reunite on stage after 25 years – Donny, Marie and the rest join the TODAY cast for preview of Vegas show 2) It’s official: Van Halen to launch tour in Sept. – 25-date trek begins in Charlotte, N.C., will end in Calgary in December (without … Continue reading Osmonds, Van Halen Reunite

The Osmonds

Did anyone else catch the Osmonds’ special on ABC last night? It was so amazingly pandering I couldn’t believe it. Here’s a sample of the dialogue: After being told of a death threat against the Donny-led Osmonds, an FBI agent informs the boys that they’ll be under observation. OSMOND LACKIE: I guess you’re not famous … Continue reading The Osmonds