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New Automne video: Pendant Que Les Champs Brulent

Video: Automne – “Pendant Que Les Champs Brûlent” Single out now on ATPD Records. Niagara’s “Pendant Que Les Champs Brûlent” was a big single in France in 1990. The duo were offered an American deal, but they refused to record English-language versions of their songs so they never got signed over here. (Note: This is … Continue reading New Automne video: Pendant Que Les Champs Brulent

New Automne video: Soeurs de Coeur

Video: Automne – “Sœurs de cœur” Directed by Joséphine Lajeat. From the Automne EP, due March 23. Paris has style. I mean, come on. Look at this video. Who has house parties where everybody is so elegant and chic? Not in a trendy or pretentious or stuffy way, but just totally stylish. Wine, pistachios, tarot … Continue reading New Automne video: Soeurs de Coeur

Public Enemy – Remix of a Nation

MP3: Public Enemy Featuring Paris – “Remix Of A Nation” from Remix Of A Nation, produced by Paris, out October 23. Guerrilla Funk says this album is intended as a supplement to Rebirth Of A Nation, and is presented with alternate mixes that have a more “noise-oriented, classic throwback” vibe.

Alejandro Escovedo in Paris: Crazy Horse With a Chamber Quartet

escovedo-paris-thumb.jpgOn the songs that rock hardest, the two cellos, the violin and Escovedo’s guitar hammer riffs while Polkingham solos, and no one misses the drums and electricity. The first report from GLONO’s new Paris office!

Patti Smith: A Beacon in the City of Lights

Photography © Sue Rynski, 2005. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.Legendery Detroit rock photographer Sue Rynski is letting us use one of her shots of Patti Smith receiving the insignia of Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres in Paris. You’ll only see it here!

DKT/MC5 Electrifies the City of Lights

DKT/MC5 celebrates the music of the MC5Like everyone who cares about real rock and roll, Glorious Noise loves the MC5. That’s why we had to fly to Paris to catch the reunion tour of the surviving members.

Paris is a millionaire stock broker

Just picked up the March issue of The Source. Damn, why did I stop reading this rag after being a subscriber back in the day? Oh, that’s right, because rap started to, and continues to, suck. But The Source doesn’t. Yeah, you get more typos than your average Corporate BS Magazine, but fuck that. It’s … Continue reading Paris is a millionaire stock broker