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Paul McCartney’s Drug Timeline

Paul McCartney On Drugs – an amusing overview of the cute Beatle’s history of public drug use. Odd that there’s no mention of the allegation that Heather Mills forced Paul to give up grass before she’d marry him… Clearly, marriages that start with ultimatums are not meant to last.

Last Known Photo of Lennon-McCartney SOLD

Corrected: The “last known” photograph of John Lennon and Paul McCartney together is for sale was sold in 2000. The image was taken at the recording of US singer Harry Nilsson’s album Pussy Cats in 1974, four years after the Beatles split up. John Lennon produced Pussy Cats during his “Lost Weekend” and McCartney stopped … Continue reading Last Known Photo of Lennon-McCartney SOLD

Please, For the Love of God, Let it Be

Paul and Yoko duke it out once more, but for what? So what’s the big stink? Paul wants to switch the order of names on the songs he mainly wrote. Who cares? Apperently, Yoko. Though I tend to see it as a lot of hot air, most media outlets have reported that Yoko Ono is … Continue reading Please, For the Love of God, Let it Be


Super Bowl XXXVI Makes Al-Qaida Run For The Hills — “No more Terry Bradshaw!” they scream. Johnny Loftus Each year, the concentric rings of florescent gluttony emanating from the Super Bowl reach further and further out, before they eventually dissolve, say, around the time pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in late February. But … Continue reading INORDINANCE

Give till it hurts

Rock stars unite for 9-11 attacks, but does anyone care? By Phil Wise With all the madness surrounding the September 11 attacks, people feel as though they should do something—anything to help. The incredible outpouring has dwarfed even that of the We Are the World spectacle of the early 80s, both in contributions and pomposity. … Continue reading Give till it hurts