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The Story Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics

I will confess to following Marvel comics in the mid-70s, a supermarket habit that I took up while my Mom took our cocker spaniel to obedience school at the local armory. I’ll even admit that I groaned a bit when I learned that she threw away all of those comics–including a first issue edition of … Continue reading The Story Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics

Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Mugging Caught on Tape

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and a band employee, Mark Anthony Smith, were mugged outside producer Brendan O’Brien‘s Southern Tracks Studios on April 27 and security camera footage has now surfaced. In it you see three dudes run up to Ament’s rented Jeep and smash the driver’s side window. Ament, who was in the passenger … Continue reading Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Mugging Caught on Tape

Buddyhead Gossip Update

Finally. After months of neglect, those mean brats at Buddyhead came back with a giant, 6,000-word gossip update and simultaneously reintroduced the word “jive” into the lexicon as the ultimate pejorative. Welcome back, fucktards! Some highlights… On Jesus and Mary Chain: “Well here’s the bummer part… Besides the Reid brothers openly admitting in the press … Continue reading Buddyhead Gossip Update

Pearl Jam Named Best American Band

From the “What Year is this Again?” bin come news that Pearl Jam has topped the Stone’s reader poll for Best American Band. That in itself isn’t so strange, but rounding out the top five or so are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Beck, and Bob Dylan. Proving once again that Rolling Stone readers … Continue reading Pearl Jam Named Best American Band