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50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 17

Rolling Stone issue #17 had a cover date of September 14, 1968. 24 pages. 35 cents. Cover illustration by Rick Griffin. Features: The Rolling Stone Interview with Pete Townshend by Jann Wenner; Eric Burdon: ‘I Got Changes to Go Through, That’s All’ by Jerry Hopkins; “The Eggman Wears White” by Jonathan Cott (about John and … Continue reading 50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 17

Rush – Clockwork Angels

Rush – Clockwork Angels (Anthem) Prior to the release of Rush’s twentieth album, Clockwork Angels, the band had an opportunity to visit with Pete Townshend after receiving the Governor-General Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Performing Arts. The formal gathering provided the Canadian trio with some face time with one of their acknowledged heroes after … Continue reading Rush – Clockwork Angels

The Who, The Mods and the Quadrophenia Connection

The Who, The Mods and the Quadrophenia ConnectionA look at how the Mod movement influenced the ultimate ode to the angry young man. Or that’s what the DVD cover would have you believe…

Quadrophenia Recording Notes by Pete Townshend

A cool discovery! GLONO message board regular DJ Murphy has dug up Pete Townshend‘s Quadrophenia Recording Notes from 1973 that were included with promo copies of the album sent to reviewers. Pete, a notorious over-explainer desperate to be understood, certainly can’t just let the music speak for itself: Learning, very much the hard way, about … Continue reading Quadrophenia Recording Notes by Pete Townshend

1968 Pete Townshend Interview

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Rolling Stone is posting audio from some of its classic interviews, including this excerpt from Pete Townshend’s famous 1968 sit-down with Jann Wenner. MP3: 1968 Pete Townsend interview.

Blame Pete

According to the NME, our man Pete Townshend still smarts over the kiddie porn charges from a few years ago and marched out of a scheduled interview with Howard Stern after another member of the show took a stab at the old boy. According to the story, Stern later apologized and Pete responded on his … Continue reading Blame Pete

Pete Townshend Interview in Rolling Stone

Pete Townshend tells it like it is: “I don’t think that the big boomer bands are going to be able to do this much longer. I really don’t. We’re fucking lucky to be able to do it, but I don’t think we’ll be able to do it much longer. I don’t want to go out … Continue reading Pete Townshend Interview in Rolling Stone

Blame Pete!

Guilty!In 1979, Pete Townshend corrupted a seven-year-old boy, permanently altering the child’s state of mind and behavior. Essentially, turning him into a slave of rock and roll. A quarter of a century later, Thomas Durkin reveals all…