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Cool Band: Pinstripe 45s

Pinstripe 45sWe covered the reunion of one of Chicago’s favorite bands, The Blacks, in a couple of original video features (documentary, live return) in 2006. Now it looks as though bassist and namesake Gina Black has a new project with Chicago multi-instrumentalist Marshall Hanbury Jr. The result is a collection of lovely acoustic numbers heavy on harmonies and simple production called Pinstripe 45s. Hanbury has a great sense of melody and his and Black’s voices mingle into a lovely tone that sounds more like one complex sound than two that compliment each other.

There’s a good bit of traditional folk rock leanings in there with hints of Dylan, Donovan or Bonnie & Delaney, but it’s not simple rehashing or revisioning of late-60s/early-70s folk rock (as much as I love that too). There is something decidedly contemporary about these songs, even if they have one foot firmly planted in the past. And isn’t that exactly what you want from a folk singer?

Pinstripe 45s: MySpace, pinstripe 45's - Studies In Timing and Coincidence - EP