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Listen: Cosmic Cowboys, Longhaired Rednecks and Other Troublemakers

So every couple of years I like to re-read the 2012 Texas Monthly feature (“That ’70s Show”) on the 1972 Austin music scene that birthed the outlaw country movement. If you haven’t read it yet, just stop now and go read it and come back after you’re done. Every time I read this fantastic oral … Continue reading Listen: Cosmic Cowboys, Longhaired Rednecks and Other Troublemakers

Wrapping Up 2019

Happy new year, everybody! Sorry this is a little later coming out than usual but we closed down GLONO HQ for the two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s and didn’t even look at a computer. Highly recommended. Next year maybe we’ll try to ignore the phones too. While in 2018 we posted something new … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2019

GLONO’s 21 Best Songs of 2018

Happy New Year! Once again, as always, there were a ton of great songs released last year. Narrowing it down to the 21 best is a bit ridiculous, but it’s a digestible chunk of music to summarize the year. My absolute favorite song of the year was also the most surprising: the Oak Ridge Boys’ … Continue reading GLONO’s 21 Best Songs of 2018

2018: Good Riddance

What a year. How naive were we to think that 2016 was bad just because Prince and David Bowie died, Mitch McConnell was mean to President Obama, and Hillary Clinton lost the election to a game show host who made an entire career out of lying and cheating? And then 2017 seemed bad too. But … Continue reading 2018: Good Riddance

Rose City ‘Til I Die

By the time this publishes I should be barreling down the road in a van packed with my wife, my son, three dogs, a cat and two of my most cherished guitars. We’ll be heading east, away from a city we love more than we could have even imagined when we moved here almost ten … Continue reading Rose City ‘Til I Die

Listen: JTL FM – This Summer

Spotify: JTL FM: This Summer Look, those white linen dungarees you bought in a frustrated, which way is up moment back in the deepest, darkest depths of winter are not going to wear themselves. The breeze won’t catch the light tick of their fabric, and you’ll never savor the aroma of Impossible Burgers grilling as … Continue reading Listen: JTL FM – This Summer

New Lou Barlow video: Love Intervene

Video: Lou Barlow — “Love Intervene” Lou Barlow – Love Intervene (Official Video)Watch this video on YouTube From the Love Intervene b/w Don’t Like Changes 7-inch, out now on Joyful Noise. Many, many years ago Johnny Loftus made me a Sebadoh mix because — for whatever reason — I had totally skipped them over at … Continue reading New Lou Barlow video: Love Intervene

Listen: JTL FM ii

Spotify: JTL FM ii I don’t want nobody hurt, but I made an exception with him. –Cherry Glazerr Making a mess is easy when you think you know it all. –Jessica Lea Mayfield The color of your mind, you feel it coming right through you. –Beach House When you talk to my face you speak … Continue reading Listen: JTL FM ii

Playlist: History of British Rock (Sire Records, 1976)

I had this cassette in high school. I can’t remember exactly where or why I bought it, but my guess is that it probably came from the Columbia House tape club. Or maybe I bought it at the mall because it had a rare Beatles song on it. It’s a weird compilation. Released by Sire … Continue reading Playlist: History of British Rock (Sire Records, 1976)

The 21 Best Songs of 2017

Happy New Year! End of year lists are fun. This is better than that. No it’s not. Etc. We shared almost 200 songs in 2017. Most of those are really good or else we wouldn’t have posted them, right? But these are the 21 that we keep going back to and can’t get enough of. … Continue reading The 21 Best Songs of 2017