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New Luna video: Fire in Cairo starring Rose McGowan

Video: Luna – “Fire in Cairo”

Luna – “Fire in Cairo” (Official Music Video)

From A Sentimental Education, due September 22 on PledgeMusic/Double Features Records.

My favorite era of the Cure is the Three Imaginary Boys period before they incorporated synths. They were just scrappy young punks with a clever sense of melody. Their gloomy stuff is great too, of course, but I drove around for an entire year of high school with a tape of Boys Don’t Cry stuck in the cassette deck of my Cutlass Supreme (with Love and Rockets’ Earth•Sun•Moon on the flip) and never got tired of it. While never showcased as a single, “Fire in Cairo” is a highlight of that era.

Luna is the band that Dean Wareham started after leaving Galaxie 500. They’re a 90s band, but they got back together a couple years ago to tour and record an album of covers. Their take on “Fire in Cairo” sticks pretty close to the original arrangement but the tone of the guitars and Wareham’s vocals make it sound like classic Luna.

The video follows Rose McGowan around as she goes about her day, hanging with friends, admiring fan art drawings, taking in a rock show at Gold Diggers, doing interviews, etc. It seems to suggest a commentary on the loneliness of aging, but that might just be me projecting my own feelings onto it.

Luna: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New OMD video: The Punishment of Luxury

Video: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – “The Punishment of Luxury”

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – The Punishment of Luxury

From The Punishment of Luxury, out September 1 on White Noise.

I loved OMD in high school. Specifically, I loved the album Crush. I also loved “If You Leave” from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, but Crush was the soundtrack to my junior year. I remember finding the Crush – The Movie VHS tape at my local video rental place and thinking it was the coolest thing ever to watch those guys actually play those songs.

The other dishwashers at my job back then tried to convince me that their earlier stuff was more important and less poppy, but I didn’t care. I hadn’t been exposed to Kraftwerk yet, so it all sounded kind of pointless to me. (My tastes have evolved over the ensuing years.)

In college I got a chance to see OMD in concert in Aberdeen, Scotland while I was studying abroad for a semester, but that was after Paul Humphreys had left the group. It was still cool though. Andy McCluskey held his own.

They’re back together again and making music that would be a little too arty for 15-year-old me, but grownup me likes it plenty.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: web, twitter, Pledge, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Carl Barat video: Burning Cars

Video: Carl Barat & The Jackals – “Burning Cars”

Carl Barat & The Jackals – "Burning Cars"

When we first interviewed Carl Barat with Dirty Pretty Things in 2006, his first foray outside of The Libertines, he told us that he liked the idea of being in a gang. It was an idea that fellow Libertine Gary Powell also referenced and probably led him to join Barat in the new jam.

Fast forward eleven years and Dirty Pretty Things is no more, The Libertines are back to being a functional band, and Carlos seems to finally have his gang with side project The Jackals. The video for “Burning Cars” finds Barat and pals playing at being hooligans drinking, fighting and burning…well, not cars but pallets. There’s only so much budget.

From the Harder They Fall, out now on PledgeMusic.

Carl Barat: web, twitter, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.