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New Janelle Monae video: Screwed

Video: Janelle Monáe — “Screwed” (ft. Zoe Kravitz) Janelle Monáe – Screwed (feat. Zoë Kravitz) [Official Video]Watch this video on YouTube From Dirty Computer, out now on Bad Boy/Atlantic. I believe it when Janelle Monae says, “I lost my mind to rock and roll.” She’s one of the most exciting things happening in music today. … Continue reading New Janelle Monae video: Screwed

Vote Blue!

After the election of 2016 we made a conscious decision to keep Glorious Noise focused on sharing good new music with our readers. Everybody involved with this site is still engaged politically, and you can always follow @poljunk, our national affairs desk, but it’s important to be able to step away from the constant stream … Continue reading Vote Blue!

50 Years Ago: A Letter to My Teenage Son

Audio: Victor Lundberg — “An Open Letter to My Teenage Son” Victor Lundberg – AN OPEN LETTER TO MY TEENAGE SONWatch this video on YouTube There’s been a lot of talk recently about the 50th anniversary of the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine, dated November 9, 1967. The interviews and reviews of early Stone … Continue reading 50 Years Ago: A Letter to My Teenage Son

New Pussy Riot video: Police State

Video: Pussy Riot — “Police State” Pussy Riot – Police StateWatch this video on YouTube From the Nice Life Winter ’18 playlist, out December 8 on Nice Life. The always subtle Pussy Riot is back with another video denouncing the police state. It’s a cute pop song with a catchy chorus and sarcastic lyrics. Chloe … Continue reading New Pussy Riot video: Police State

Is Past Prologue?

For the past several years rock and roll has become profoundly apolitical, particularly vis-à-vis the 1960s when, largely because the war in Vietnam, there was considerable engagement of performers. There were two signal albums of that period, one that came out in 1969 and the other in 1970, and both have Paul Kantner in common. … Continue reading Is Past Prologue?

What Do They Know?

One of the things that often happens when a performer—be it an actor or a musician—makes a political point is that there is a degree of dismissiveness among some—even among that person’s fans—, a reaction that has it, in effect, “Oh, she’s just an actress, what does she know?” (Or, as our President put it … Continue reading What Do They Know?

Three Hundred Things People Are Saying About #TrumpDoc

A lot of people are saying things about this photo. Not us, but a lot of people. Some very smart people; the best people. I updated my Facebook picture with his smirking mug and added a couple comments. That got people talking…a lot of them. Here are 300+ things people are saying about #TrumpDoc (of … Continue reading Three Hundred Things People Are Saying About #TrumpDoc

Winaloto – A Song and Video for Trump’s America

It happens in every election cycle: Some candidate tries to co-opt a popular song to punctuate a message in a rally or other live event, only to raise the ire of the artists who created the song. It usually happens to Republicans, because…well…they suck. And really, who can they turn to? Ted Nugent? This week, … Continue reading Winaloto – A Song and Video for Trump’s America