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Three Hundred Things People Are Saying About #TrumpDoc


A lot of people are saying things about this photo. Not us, but a lot of people. Some very smart people; the best people.

I updated my Facebook picture with his smirking mug and added a couple comments. That got people talking…a lot of them.

Here are 300+ things people are saying about #TrumpDoc (of the 570, and counting).

  1. Can’t stop telling you about the time he met Donald Fagan at a boat show.
  2. Ends every question during a physical with, “If you know what I mean…”
  3. Signs your high school physical form on sight, asks if your mom’s dating.
  4. Asks if you’ve ever ridden in a convertible, casually dangles Sebring keys.
  5. Won’t stop asking if you’ve signed up for his band’s mailing list.
  6. Has a secret stash of Zima on his boat, Breakin’ Wind.
  7. Says Michael McDonald is “the voice of my generation!”
  8. Thinks AOL is the Internet. Concurrently somehow still has a NetZero account.
  9. Invites you over to see his margarita glass signed by Jimmy Buffett after he “saved his f*ckin’ life from a ‘gator the size of a goddamn Buick” in a parking lot in the Keys
  10. His favorite coffee mug is a badly stained, circa 1985 plastic one with a barely legible racist joke on it. It leaks, so he wraps it in a bandanna. Continue reading Three Hundred Things People Are Saying About #TrumpDoc

POLJUNK: It’s Our Soap Box

Vote!We don’t often get into overt politicking on the GLONO flagship site but we’re getting a little annoyed with what we’re seeing out there. From neck stompings to detentions to crybaby-ism, we’ve had enough. So we have a few words for Glorious Noise readers of all political stripes: Grow Up.

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POLJUNK: People Mad at Macca for Bush Swipe

Who knew people got offended by Bush is Dumb jokes? Seems some conservatives are pissy about a swipe Paul McCartney took at the former president this week. One writer calls out the phony outrage in our Quote of the Day.

Paul McCartney: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki