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Quasar Wut Wut – The Holiday Song (12 Snowmen, 24 Snowballs)

FREE INTERNET SINGLE: “The Holiday Song (12 Snowmen, 24 Snowballs)” from GLONO’s own Quasar Wut Wut. If you listen closely, you can hear other GLONO alum on backing vocals and a little toot at the end. [New Bandcamp link. -ed.] Be sure to pick up other GLONO releases for stocking stuffers. Hairy Cringle to you … Continue reading Quasar Wut Wut – The Holiday Song (12 Snowmen, 24 Snowballs)

The Black and Orange Ball: GLONO’s Fifth Birthday Party

The party of the centuryGlorious Noise is throwing a party, and you’re invited. We’re celebrating five years in publication and the third release on Glorious Noise Records with a big blowout. October 21 at Martyr’s in Chicago with Healthy White Baby, Riviera and Quasar Wut-Wut.

Tapes ‘N Tapes – Insistor

Has anybody else noticed that “Insistor” by current indie darlings Tapes ‘N Tapes sounds a lot like Quasar Wut-Wut? Check out “Enola Gay” in particular. Even their video looks like a Quasar video. Or is it just me?

Overheard Backstage at Intonation 2006

Intonation 2006Being a roadie is so much fun that people volunteer to do it for free. At least one person, anyway. Ever wonder what goes on backstage at those indie music festivals? Glorious Noise finds out!

Glorious Noise Release Party Wrapup

Very nice, very nice, very nice...Last Saturday, Glorious Noise hosted a very special party at Schubas in Chicago to celebrate the release of the new Riviera album. If you couldn’t make it, we’ll make you feel like you were there.

Quasar Wut-Wut – The Partisan (live)

A GLONO exclusive! “The Partisan” by Quasar Wut-Wut, recorded live at Schubas in Chicago on January 19, 2005 for emusiclive. This song, made famous by Leonard Cohen, has a fascinating history.

Colin Meloy: Sister I’m a Poet

Performing encyclopedic anthems...In front of what may have been the most respectful crowd ever assembled for an acoustic show, Decemberists leader Colin Meloy delivered an entertaining set that was equal parts humor and humility.

Taro Sound: Then, Now, Forever!

Support our troops! Send them hotdogs.Quasar Wut-Wut celebrates the release of their new album with a sold-out performance that would have made Bob Hope proud. Complete with rousing speeches, U.S.O. opening band, and exotic fan dancer!