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New Raconteurs video: Help Me Stranger

Video: The Raconteurs – “Help Me Stranger” Directed by Yasuhiko Shimizu. From Help Us Stranger, out June 21 on Third Man. A funky little groove with Jack and Brendan singing harmonies throughout, “Help Me Stranger” is gonna be lit live. Shades of all the genres that made Detroit a hothouse for any variety musical pollinators … Continue reading New Raconteurs video: Help Me Stranger

New Raconteurs videos

Video: The Raconteurs – “Now That You’re Gone” Directed by Dikayl Rimmasch. Single out now on Third Man. I am a big fan of Jack White’s, more so his approach to the music business even than much of the music he makes. He’s an aesthete, which makes for great branding, but sometimes needs to be … Continue reading New Raconteurs videos

WSJ profiles Third Man Records

The Wall Street Journal looks at Jack White, the businessman. Included online is this little video wherein the Dirtbombs‘ Ben Blackwell leads us on a tour of the vinyl pressing plant: Pretty cool to see the records getting stamped, but how long has Blackwell been such a long-haired bearded hippy who can’t tie a tie? … Continue reading WSJ profiles Third Man Records

New Band: Jack White + Kills = Dead Weather

Jack White‘s got another new band. Rolling Stone attended an invite-only preview in Nashville and has the full report: The new band takes White from the front of the stage back behind the drum kit, while the Kills’ Alison Mosshart mostly handles singing duties. The two are joined by White’s fellow Raconteur Jack Lawrence on … Continue reading New Band: Jack White + Kills = Dead Weather

Lollapalooza 2008: Don't Be Old, Be Fun

Lollapalooza 2008After attending two big music festivals every summer since 2005, it’s easy to feel burned out and unmotivated. But you can still have a great time if you just turn off your grouchiness, relax, and float downstream. A mind-blowing headliner helps, too.

The Raconteurs Live

The Raconteurs have added a new live section to their web site with live photos, video, and audio from past tour dates. Live MP3s: • The Raconteurs – “Teenage Kicks” (Undertones cover) • The Raconteurs – “Keep It Clean” (Charley Jordan cover) They’re looking for contributions from fans, so if you’ve got anything you want … Continue reading The Raconteurs Live

Review the Raconteurs – A GLONO Contest!

Tomorrow marks the release of The Raconteur’s second album, Consolers Of The Lonely. As previously noted here, the band rushed the release of this album so there are NO advance reviews! “But how will we know if it’s good,” you ask? You’ll have to rely on your friends. And we want in on that action. … Continue reading Review the Raconteurs – A GLONO Contest!

Raconteurs Bypass Reviewers, File Sharers

The Raconteurs are pushing their second album, Consolers Of The Lonely, to retailers and digital partners just weeks after completing mixing. The band has announced that the album will be available on March 25 in CD, vinyl and download formats through retail partners on and offline, and as a 320kb fidelity download through the group’s … Continue reading Raconteurs Bypass Reviewers, File Sharers

Raconteurs Recording New Album

Billboard: Raconteurs In The Thick Of Recording New Album. “We don’t know if were going to finish but we wanted to get everything down before we got busy,” Jack White says. “We have a lot bigger ideas about certain things, so we will see how far we get.” You know what they say about idle … Continue reading Raconteurs Recording New Album