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Jack Radio Format is Like George W. Bush

Jack Is the Decider: “Ten years after the 1996 Telecommunications Act destroyed the quaint notion, enshrined by Congress when it created the FCC in 1934, that the airwaves are a public trust, we’ve arrived at the perfect slogan for the age of media deregulation—’Playing what we want’ is a corollary of ‘Owning what we want.’” … Continue reading Jack Radio Format is Like George W. Bush

Rebel Yell – A Shout out to the Dixie Chicks

Naked Chicks Rule!Three years ago, the Dixie Chicks, alienated the country music world with an inocuous comment about President Bush. With a new album due this week, anyone who thinks the Chicks are ready to repent and play nice had better think again.

Once In A Lifetime

Same as it ever was? Not really. The Glorious Noise breakroom is always alive with chatter. Over cheese sandwiches and red pop, arguments erupt and fizzle at breakneck speed. But one conversation that’s never off the table is the cyclical nature of popular music and radio programming. We’re currently in the midst of yet another … Continue reading Once In A Lifetime

The Real Garage

Glorious Noise was representin’ in full effect on WXRT’s Sound Opinions last night. I hope I sounded better than the first time I was on that show. The show focused on garage rock, and they had us on to discuss the recent White Stripes thing we did here a couple weeks ago. I get frustrated … Continue reading The Real Garage

Will You Pony Up for Satellite Radio?

Raise your hand if you listen to the radio. Good, you can all put your hands down. Now, raise your hand if you subscribe to satellite radio. That’s what I thought. Satellite radio is here now; it has been for a few months. But you aren’t listening, and you won’t listen, and I know why.

In my ongoing quest to

In my ongoing quest to avoid supporting the Media Borg, I am hereby giving up listening to my favorite radio station, WDFN 1130AM, Detroit’s best sports talk station. I am doing this for one simple reason: The station is owned by Clear Channel Communications. I just can’t ignore this fact any longer, so I’m tuning … Continue reading In my ongoing quest to


There are too many nameless crossroads intersecting throughout the Information Delta. You can’t just hunker in a ditch, waiting for The Prince to show up. Sure, in the old days, you’d get some songs together, do some travelin’, and eventually The Man (or his boys) would contact you. You’d know where to go, and the … Continue reading IT’S NOT EASY MAKING DEALS WITH THE DEVIL ANYMORE


During my formative years, I was tuning in the glow on the late-night dial. It was Chicago radio’s heyday. The Loop, WXRT, WMET, WLS, and later WCKG were all major contenders for the musical soul of the city’s youth. While I credit these radio outlets with strengthening my sense of musical history (lots of Beatles, … Continue reading RADIO, RADIO