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Noel Gallagher interview

Noel Gallagher once again proves he’s still the best interview in the business: “I don’t give a fuck about Radiohead and all that indie nonsense. I was brought up on the top 10. Slade, T.Rex, David Bowie. If you’re not in the charts, you don’t exist. BMX Bandits? Four people are listening to it in … Continue reading Noel Gallagher interview

Rocking the Caves

Waking Up After The Long Night Called 2001 Year-end lists are disgustingly difficult to write. It’s damn hard to remember what happened last February or March when you’re still trying to discern how you spent $150 on High Life at your local laundromat/tavern’s $1 beer night last week. Besides, lists are boring. And the Glorious … Continue reading Rocking the Caves

Radiohead: How Do You Afford Your Post-Rock Lifestyle?

In a particularly stifling scene from Radiohead’s 1998 tour documentary Meeting People Is Easy, director Grant Gee uses Thom Yorke’s numerous false starts while filming a drowning scene as a metaphor for his band’s sense of suffocation about itself existing in the vacuum of Rock Stardom. The clip for “No Surprises” features a close-up of … Continue reading Radiohead: How Do You Afford Your Post-Rock Lifestyle?

Are you plugged in?

I found the best record reviews on the web. The site is called Plugged In and its mission statement is: “Helping parents and youth leaders guide teens through the world of popular youth culture.” And boy, does it ever. There are reviews of movies and television too, but the record reviews are the best. Critic … Continue reading Are you plugged in?

Radiohead vs. Steely Dan

Why you gotta do the Dan like that, guys? Arguably the best drug rock band of the 70s (other than Camel, right Phil?), with a sound that is always amazingly contemporary, even now. As we all know, Mary Jane never goes out of style. Sure, they didn’t deserve a Grammy, but who gives a shit? … Continue reading Radiohead vs. Steely Dan