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Breaking Up With a Radio Sweetheart

We know musicians through a finite, bounded set of experiences. Primary are the artifacts, the recordings. Secondarily, there are the live performances that we attend. Although the attendance at a concert is more immediate and arguably more compelling than the playing of a disc, I’d like to suggest that the disc is primary because one … Continue reading Breaking Up With a Radio Sweetheart

Ozzy: That’s the Way It Wasn’t

You remember Winston Smith, don’t you? Sure, he’s the protagonist of George Orwell’s 1984, but do you remember what he did for a living? He worked in the so-called “Ministry of Truth,” changing history by rewriting newspapers and books and any other media that needed updating to reflect the prevailing mindset of Oceana’s totalitarian regime. … Continue reading Ozzy: That’s the Way It Wasn’t


Uncle Tupelo Gets the Reissue Treatment It’s unclear what strain of moonshine was mixed with how many parts distortion and Hank Willliams to create Uncle Tupelo. But ten+ years removed from their existence, the work that its founding members have gone on to produce validates Tupelo’s recordings as not simply lucky noise labeled “genius” or … Continue reading STRAIGHT OUTTA BELLEVILLE