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New Rentals video: Spaceships

Video: The Rentals — “Spaceships” The Rentals – Spaceships (Official Lyric Video)Watch this video on YouTube From Q36, due June 2020. Single out now. New Rentals announcement from Matt Sharp: “Nick Zinner, Ronnie Vannucci, Dave Fridmann & I’ve made the Rentals’ 4th Official Album, together. It’s a 16 track Space-Western titled Q36.” Sweet. Sharp says … Continue reading New Rentals video: Spaceships

New Rentals video: Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad

Video: The Rentals — “Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad” The Rentals – Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]Watch this video on YouTube From the Rentals’ fourth album (title, TBA), due sometime in 2018. It’s rarely healthy to compare yourself to extremely successful people. Unless you wanna feel terrible about yourself. I … Continue reading New Rentals video: Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad

New Rentals video: It’s Time To Come Home

Video: The Rentals -- “It’s Time To Come Home”

The Rentals - It's Time To Come Home [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

I love the Rentals. I still think Return of the Rentals is an underrated 90s classic. Maybe “Friends of P” had “one hit wonder” written all over it (one minor hit, of course: it peaked at No. 82 on the Hot 100), but it works great in the context of a perfectly conceptualized and executed album. Neither Return of the Rentals nor its 1999 follow-up Seven More Minutes charted on the Billboard 200 but they both rank pretty high on my personal all-time Top 200 Albums chart.

This site’s first real interview was with Cherielynn Westrich back in 2001, and we caught up with Matt Sharp himself in 2003 while he was doing his solo project. The Rentals released an EP in 2007 and some kind of multimedia project in 2009, but just last year they released their first full-length album since 1999: Lost in Alphavile on Polyvinyl. I pre-ordered it on Coke bottle colored vinyl.

And it’s good. None of the people from the first two albums other than Matt Sharp have anything to do with it, but the guy from the Black Keys plays the drums on it, so that’s kind of a big deal, right? It came out last August, but they finally got around to making a video for it, and it looks like a bunch of semi-futuristic, quasi-scientific mumbo jumbo, so it’s pretty much perfect!

New project from the Rentals: Songs About Time

Matt Sharp and the Rentals have a new multimedia project they’re calling Songs About Time, billed as “one year in photography, film and music.” According to the site, the band will record and release three new digital mini-albums over 2009 with the first appearing in April, and the next two in July and October. Each … Continue reading New project from the Rentals: Songs About Time

The Rentals on AOL

The Rentals recently visited AOL’s “Interface” studio: The Interface with the Rentals on Spinner. Their new EP, Last Little Life, is out now. MP3: The Rentals on the Interface with videos after the jump. Previously: Glorious Noise Interview with Matt Sharp (2003); Ain’t Got No Girls, Ain’t Got No Moogs (2002); Glorious Noise Interview with … Continue reading The Rentals on AOL

Glorious Noise Interview with Matt Sharp

Let’s get up and leave this town I just want to go right now… We’ll find some new place nice Some other city or the countryside… —”Move On” by the Rentals, 1995 It’s been almost a decade since the world first got to know Matt Sharp. He was the goofy bass player in Weezer, jumping … Continue reading Glorious Noise Interview with Matt Sharp

How Many More Minutes to Hide Away?

According to the official Rentals mailing list, Matt Sharp will be doing four “really low key shows acoustic style/solo style” shows at Cafe Tropical, a Cuban bakery in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. He will be performing two shows per night on Sunday March 17 and March 24 at 7pm and 9pm. This will be the … Continue reading How Many More Minutes to Hide Away?

Our first real interview: Cherielynn Westrich

I’ve posted something new in our Features section, an interview with multi-talented Cherielynn Westrich, who is most famous for playing Moog and singing with the Rentals. She also writes, sings and plays guitar with her new band, the Slow Signal Fade, and before the Rentals, she had a band called Supersport 2000. It’s no secret … Continue reading Our first real interview: Cherielynn Westrich