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Tommy Stinson, Paul Westerberg Messing Around

Tommy Stinson tells the Minneapolis StarTribune he had been in town in September to “mess around” with Paul Westerberg and drummer Michael Bland. He sounded enthusiastic about the sessions and said, “It was a lot of fun.” When I asked if they did any recording, though, he answered, “Nah, that’s getting to first base. We’re … Continue reading Tommy Stinson, Paul Westerberg Messing Around

Who cares about the Replacements?

Not too many people, according to a Billboard article announcing the expanded reissues of the Replacements‘ final four albums for Sire Records. Buried in the penultimate paragraph, we learn this sad little nugget: In April, Rhino reissued the Replacements’ first three albums and an EP for hometown Minneapolis label Twin Tone. They’ve since sold 22,000 … Continue reading Who cares about the Replacements?

Another Replacements Reunion Rumor

I don’t know. This sounds like hype to promote the first round of Replacements reissues that are coming out tomorrow, but according to Billboard, Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson are (once again) leaving the door open for a reunion. At least, Tommy’s into it: “I think Paul and I have something to offer each other … Continue reading Another Replacements Reunion Rumor

The Replacements: Live Video from 1981

An amazing document of classic American punk rock. It’s a multi-camera video of an entire 1981 Replacements show. YouTuber THX1968 explains: “Recorded live at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 5th, 1981. The album Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash had been released on August 25th, 1981.” I think it’s also … Continue reading The Replacements: Live Video from 1981

Replacements Reissues This Spring

The first round of remastered, expanded Replacements reissues will be released on April 22, 2008, according to Billboard. The albums “were prepped for reissue by Replacements manager Peter Jesperson, with involvement from the surviving band members.” This batch covers the band’s Twin Tone releases. The next batch, due later this year, will cover their Sire … Continue reading Replacements Reissues This Spring

Excerpt from the Oral History of the Replacements

Harp has an excerpt from All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History of the Replacements: Bob Stinson: It was ’86 and we were doing “Saturday Night Live,” staying at the Berkshire Hotel. I caused all the trouble on that one: I broke the phones, put a hole in the door, threw an ashtray out … Continue reading Excerpt from the Oral History of the Replacements

Creem’s Replacements Interview from 1986

From the September 1986 issue of Creem: Drinking (And Drinking Lots More!) with the Replacements. CREEM: Does it matter to you personally? Do you really care what the critics think? PW: I’ll be honest. It does. I’d like to lie and say it means nothing. Not that we think we’re great or anything. We know … Continue reading Creem’s Replacements Interview from 1986