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New Richard Ashcroft video: Surprised by the Joy

Video: Richard Ashcroft — “Surprised by the Joy” Richard Ashcroft – Surprised by the Joy (Official Video)Watch this video on YouTube Directed by Richard Ashcroft. From Natural Rebel, due October 19. Love is a hell of a thing. It can make fools of us all, even the absolute coolest mother fuckers. And let’s be clear, … Continue reading New Richard Ashcroft video: Surprised by the Joy

Stream the New Verve Album

Stream the new Verve album via MySpace now. My main concern with this album was that it would be closer to Richard Ashcroft’s solo material, which has been steadily leaning more and more puss rock, than to the guitar heavy majesty of the band’s back catalog. First listen seems to show a bit of both. … Continue reading Stream the New Verve Album

Ten "Fiercest" British Frontmen Revealed

Jake has long bemoaned the fact that British singers all sound like pansies. [Specifically, English singers -ed.] It’s his main argument for abandoning a genre that once fueled his music collection and has led to hilarious arguments at countless bars with me and Loftus. But is the Old Man right? MuchMusic has a list of … Continue reading Ten "Fiercest" British Frontmen Revealed

The Verve Reunite After Nearly a Decade

Maybe the NME’s incessant haranguing of classic British bands to reform is actually effective. Could it be that bi-monthly declarations of this band reforming or that band reuniting might actually cause those parties to reconsider their splits? Could they all be self-fulfilling prophecies? This weekend saw The Verve play their first show together in nearly … Continue reading The Verve Reunite After Nearly a Decade

No Come Down

•Media blitz for new Justin Timberlake album: 5 million dollars •Estimated portion of Jive Records 4th quarter profits Timberlake is responsible for: 15 million dollars •Richard Aschroft making music unfettered by the downdraft of media and industry scrutiny: Priceless Richard Ashcroft is mysterious. His haughty, strung-out good looks offer an alluring alternative to the corn-fed … Continue reading No Come Down