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Ridley Bent: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Ridley Bent - Nova Scotian cowboy with a funky bentRidley Bent is an entertainer, a crooner, a guitar player, and a songwriter with a knack for detail and has mastered the art of telling a story. Love and betrayal, cowboy songs, songs of hope and glory, tales of the old west and pop culture, this is Ridley’s addiction.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ridley Bent spent his youth as an army brat traversing the vast expanses of Canada and listened to his father play Johnny Cash and Hank Williams on his beat-up old guitar. At the time, he never did dig that old country and western. He preferred rock and pop but those old tunes must have sunk into his subconscious because that southern twang is evident in his songs. Ridley recently completed a new album titled Buckles and Boots.

We harrassed him with our Ten Questions and then gave him the “you can’t just jump to the top of the ladder” speech.

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