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The Dean crams for his rock exams

A Month on the Town – 65-year-old critic Robert Christgau spent every night in June at a show: “The main reason I conceived this project, which many considered nuts, was that I wasn’t liking enough new guitar bands. So my professional purpose was to encounter young musicians in their natural habitat. But since the idea … Continue reading The Dean crams for his rock exams

Digging up Kurt Cobain

In an article in the recent Music Issue of the New Yorker, Robert Christgau reviews Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross, a new biography of Kurt Cobain. It sounds like it’s a pretty well-researched book and apparently the author had access to Cobain’s “drawings, journals, and numerous unsent letters.” Christgau mainly praises the book, … Continue reading Digging up Kurt Cobain