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New Hand Habits video: Placeholder

Video: Hand Habits – “Placeholder” Directed by Madeline Kenney. From Placeholder, out March 1 on Saddle Creek. When I was a teenager my parents had a sailboat we kept on Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan. It wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds and the experience is more accurately reflected in this video from Meg Duffy, … Continue reading New Hand Habits video: Placeholder

New Tomberlin video: Any Other Way

Video: Tomberlin – “Any Other Way” Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick. From At Weddings, out now on Saddle Creek. The more I listen to Tomberlin’s previous single, “Seventeen,” the more I like it. A bit of a sleeper, it reveals its secrets on repeated listens. I expect that “Any Other Way” will be similar. You said … Continue reading New Tomberlin video: Any Other Way

New Tomberlin video: Seventeen

Video: Tomberlin – “Seventeen” Directed by Zach Xanders. From At Weddings, due August 10 on Saddle Creek. You always say that I look so tough But it’s because I’m tough Sarah Beth Tomberlin is a 23 year old songwriter from Kentucky who records for Saddle Creek. Her dad’s a strict Baptist pastor. She was homeschooled. … Continue reading New Tomberlin video: Seventeen

New Wilder Maker video: Only Child

Video: Wilder Maker – “Only Child” From the New Streets 7″, out now on Saddle Creek. I like this song. It’s got cool guitar tones and an easy listening, lite rock vibe that works nicely with the boy/girl vocals and lyrics about “ice cream on the porch swing” and staying up too late, “the world … Continue reading New Wilder Maker video: Only Child

Indie Label Roundtable

Over on NPR’s Monitor Mix Blog, Carrie Brownstein rounds up a bunch of people who run indie labels and gets them to talk about how the role of the record label has changed over the past decade. It’s a fascinating conversation that touches on everything from iTunes to filesharing to artist development to vinyl to … Continue reading Indie Label Roundtable

Cursive – Let Me Up

Cursive has a new Daytrotter session featuring “What Have I Done?” off of Mama, I’m Swollen and “The Casualty” from the band’s previous album Domestica, in addition to covers of The Cure‘s “Love Cats” and David Bowie‘s “Modern Love”, both of which had recently become staples in the band’s live shows on their July/August tour. … Continue reading Cursive – Let Me Up

Emo Game: I’m All Smart Like That

A Glorious Noise interview with the creator of the Emo Game. By Derek Phillips Sure, they got a rep for nerd glasses, perfectly messed hair and being sensitive and in touch with their feelings, but Emo kids have a darker side. Graphic designer, Jason Oda, created the Emo Game for those twisted bastards to live … Continue reading Emo Game: I’m All Smart Like That