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Riviera News

Riviera‘s new album debuted in the Top Ten for its week of release on Miles of Music’s Top Sellers chart, and their song “Ashes on the Moon” was featured on WBEZ’s Hello Beautiful. The album is now also available at Insound who’s hosting an mp3 of “Blue Eyes.”

Cheap CDs? Don’t Believe the Hype

This week, the news came out that Universal Music Group is planning on slashing its CD list prices in an attempt to revitalize CD sales. This is a good thing for music fans, right? Unfortunately, it sounds like it was implemented about as thoughtfully as a Republican-backed prescription drug plan. In the end, who gets … Continue reading Cheap CDs? Don’t Believe the Hype

Money, Money, Money, Mon-ey

The people at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have released what might sound like some very, very good news for people in the entertainment industry. At least some of them. According to a just-released report from the consultancy, “Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2003-2007, North America (with Global Overview),” a title that’s as unwieldy as the name of the … Continue reading Money, Money, Money, Mon-ey

Musing On Genres

The following was provoked by the announcement regarding the 2002 sales for the U.S. recording industry. Apparently, there was an overall drop in CD sales of about 9%. In 2001, there were 712 million sold. In 2002, the number was down to 649.5 million. A million here, a million there, and before you know it, … Continue reading Musing On Genres