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I just read a plea from John Dean for me to pay for “Salon Premium.” I and the rest of the GloNo crew are guilty of spending hours reading their stuff, me without so much as clicking on a single ad there. Ever. Yeah, I admit it: I use the Internet and I don’t pay. … Continue reading Salongate

Deaf American

There’s a low grumble across America and it seems only Salon.com can hear it. By Phil Wise Since the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1995, there has been a steady consolidation of media in this country that threatens to choke our already anemic music business. The decisions for A&R, radio programming and concert promotion … Continue reading Deaf American


In a recent GloNo discussion (see the comments on my EX-FL article), I suggested that MTV might look into some sort of reality series combining dopey Americans’ passion for wrestling antics with the lowest-common-denominating tripe of its current hit show “Jackass.” Well, when you’re right, you’re right. Even if it is about something as moronic … Continue reading GLORIOUS NOISE HAS ITS FINGER ON THE PULSE